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0x Instant


0x Instant is a new product from the 0x core team that offers a convenient way for people to get access to a wide variety of tokens and other crypto-assets in just a few taps. Developers can integrate the free, open source library into their applications or websites in order to both offer seamless access to crypto-assets, as well as gain a new source of revenue, with just a few lines of code.

Affliate Fees

As an end host of 0x Instant, you can charge users a fee on all trades made through Instant with the affiliateFee option. Simply specify an ethereum address and feePercentage (up to 5%), and a percentage of each transaction will be deposited into the specified address (denominated in ETH).

Example: 3% of transaction volume (in ETH) will de deposited into 0x50ff5828a216170cf224389f1c5b0301a5d0a230

    <script src=""></script>
        orderSource: '',
        affiliateInfo: {
            feeRecipient: '0x50ff5828a216170cf224389f1c5b0301a5d0a230',
            feePercentage: 0.03,