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Hyperledger is an umbrella organization – cast in the image of the Linux Foundation – for open source blockchain development, comprising a number of protocols designed specifically for enterprises.

Hyperledger has many projects backed by big organizations such as 'Fabric' backed by IBM and 'Sawtooth' backed by Intel Corporation. Both Intel and IBM worked on these projects first and then presented them to Hyperledger for acceptance into the Incubator. That resulted into these projects growing at a tremendous rate and now are among the top frameworks for enterprise blockchain networks. Fabric supports EVM based smart contracts, it also has a web3 provider which can be used to develop dApps using web3.js.

Sawtooth also supports Ethereum through Seth, Sawtooth's Ethereum-compatible Transaction Processor. It implements a Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) so Seth can run Ethereum Dapps written in Solidity.